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This page covers the terms & conditions for using this website (www.yabsuae.com). Any deviations from the terms & conditions can lead to a user not reaping the full benefits of this website. The terms & conditions apply to every page of the website. By using this website, you are inherently accepting all the terms & conditions. This means that you should not use this website if you have an objection to any terms & conditions.

Note: This website (www.yabsuae.com) is referred to as “our”, “we”, and “us” on this page.

Who we are and how to contact us

We are available on phone (+971 4 386 5550) from Monday to Saturday between 8:00 AM to 5 PM. You can visit our office at – 1201, Grosvenor Business Tower, Barsha Heights, Tecom – Dubai.

You can also contact us through our “Contact Us” page on the website or drop a mail on info@yabsuae.com.

Accepting Terms & Conditions

By using this website, you agree to our terms and conditions that are listed on this page. You should not access the website if you don’t agree to these terms and conditions.

Updates to Terms & Conditions

We refresh the terms and conditions of this website from time to time. So, in case you are using our website, you should always read the terms and conditions first. If you don’t agree with the terms, then you should not use this website.

Suspension or Withdrawal of our Website

We may suspend the operation of this website without any prior information in case of technical or operational issues requiring top priority. We may even withdraw a part of the website in such cases where it is deemed necessary.

How you may use our website?

We are the owners or licensees of all the rights to our website and the content present in it. Every content on this website is marked for global copyright laws. Similarly, all the rights are reserved.

You can download a copy of the website or download extracts from it for personal use. You may also use the website for references but in no way copy the content present in it. This extends to images, infographics, videos, and other formats.

Users of this website should acknowledge the fact that we are the authors of this website and only we can change its content and structure.

You must not use the content of this website for commercial purposes unless you have the license to do that. In case any part of this website is printed or used against our terms and conditions, your access to this website will cease immediately and you may be required to return or destroy any copy with copyright issues.

Do not rely on this website

It is important to state that we provide general information on our website which amounts to good content. Such kind of data should not be treated as in advisory form. We recommend you take the help of professionals in the related field.

We take crucial steps while publishing any data on our website but we do not provide the guarantee or warranty of such representations. We also don’t make any conclusions to declare the data on our website as complete or up to date.

Not responsible for websites we link to

We are in no way responsible for the data access or privacy policy of the links to third-party websites. It is highly recommended that you treat these links as informational only. Such links should in no way be considered as approved by us.

Our liability towards you

We in no way exclude or limit our liability towards you where it is unlawful. We are not responsible for any damages that may affect you directly or indirectly. These damages can be because of one or all of the following:

  • Inability to use our website
  • Use or rely on data on our website

What we are not liable for?

  • Loss of business profit or sales
  • Any Business delays or interruptions
  • Loss of business opportunities
  • Any direct or indirect damages
  • Loss of any kind of savings

Usage of personal information

Please read our privacy policy (www.yabsuae.com)to understand how we use your personal information. The policy details how your personal information is kept secure by us. The privacy policy should be read thoroughly every time you visit the website as we keep on updating it.

You should in no way try to attack (through viruses, trojans, worms, and other technologically harmful components) our website. In such cases, we will share all your personal information with the concerned authorities and your access to the website will cease to exist.

You should also not attacks our website using denial-of-service attack or distributed denial-of-service attacks.

Rules about linking to our website

You may link to the home page of our website in a way that is legal and does not jeopardise our reputation. You must not link to our website or project the data to be used as being approved by us. You should not link to our website through any website not owned by you. The website should not be copied and accessed via a different URL. Linking to our website will cease to exist   if you do not follow our terms and conditions. For using any other link than the home page, a request should be sent to info@yabsuae.com.

Which country’s law apply to any disputes?

The content and specifics on our website are protected and governed by the laws of Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC). You should agree to DIFC’s terms and conditions and access our data as deemed feasible by DIFC. Any dispute arising will be settled by the courts of the DIFC. We may file a lawsuit against you if you are caught breaching the laws of DIFC and in any jurisdiction.

Costs and charges

We may incur charges while providing our services to you. These include payment to third-party, governmental charges, or disbursements. The disbursement invoice should be created with the name of the client. You must admit that such payments are your sole responsibility and may differ from the pricing model fees. You must authorize us to make such payments in addition to the fees required to operate with us within 5 working days of receiving the instructions with the required documents. Disbursement of such expenses is out of scope of VAT if the criteria are met. An example of disbursement would be but not limited to governmental charges and taxes.

Payment Terms

For any payment terms and conditions, you can lodge a query with us using the “Contact Us” page.

All the payments should be made in advance. This excludes post-dated cheques. The free structure or cost is agreed beforehand as per the contract and there should not be any deviations. The customer should pay for any services via cash, credit card, bank transfer, or post-dated cheques. The customer needs to pay any administrative charges as imposed by YABS.

The payer would be responsible for any bank transfer fee. We take payments in the form of Emirati Dirham via visa or Master Card.

We will not do business with OFAC countries or any sanctioned countries. This website is not suitable for users under 18 years of age. It is required to not allow any child to process transactions on the website. YABS is in no way liable for such transactions.

The payee should have a copy of the transaction for future reference. The payee should understand that any payment online would require some days to reflect. The transaction is deemed successful when the payment has been received by YABS.

The user is responsible for transactions and maintaining the privacy of the account.

Any payment received by YABS towards a product will be non-refundable unless otherwise stated. This term is also applicable for payments which are not paid in full. In case the payer fails to provide the required documents or the license is rejected by the licensing/government authorities, the non-refundable clause will stand.

Non-payment & cancellation

In case post-dated cheques or security deposit is not cleared within 30 days of the due date, legal action may be taken by us to recover the funds including cancellation of trade license and any company visas. This is applicable for all the jurisdictions under which a service is sought. YABS may take over the company and get the trade license cancelled if the above-stated criteria are met. YABS is solely responsible for cancellation of visas in case the payment is not cleared within 30 days.

In case of late payments, you are entitled to a penalty of 10% of the total cost. The rule is applicable for any post-dated cheques or failed credit card transactions. The pricing models will be auto-renewed after 12 months until and unless specified differently.

You are solely responsible for any late payment that would lead to cancellation of the contract with us. YABS has the right to take action both in the UAE and globally if the terms and conditions of the contract are breached.  We will have the right to recover all the funds from the customer and assign a third-party to collect the funds on our behalf.

In case you happen to cancel the trade license, YABS/government will have the right to recover the cost of closing down the business from you.

Ownership of any property left with YABS will be transferred to YABS. In such a scenario, YABS will have the required power to treat the property as per their needs. This may include the disposal or sale of the property.

YABS will have no obligation whatsoever to disclose information regarding action being taken by it.

With regards to the company, you will be obliged to maintain YABS as your agent for a lifetime or till the time the company is closed. You are in no way supposed to take the help of the third-party agent for license renewal or any action which can be serviced by YABS.

YABS has all the rights to recover and take legal action against companies that owe us funds. This is applicable for the company both in and out of UAE. YABS might take help from third-party for the collection of the funds.

Referral Program

Just like other websites, YABS also has a referral program where its employees can refer someone they know and who wants to launch their business in the UAE. The referral program is set for a maximum AED 1,100 which means that if you refer any entrepreneurs who make YABS as their agent, you will be rewarded with a maximum AED 1,100. Any other kind of referral will be treated on a case-by-case basis.

Contact Us

If you have any questions relating to terms and conditions, you can contact us through our “Contact Us” page.

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