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    Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC), the city’s pioneering skyscraper, stands as a global business nucleus, providing enticing advantages for companies seeking international prominence and regional stability. Offering a comprehensive array of services spanning event management, marketing, technology, and security, DWTC is a renowned venue in Dubai’s core. There are processes in place to set up a business in DWTC.

    With its prestigious reputation, DWTC is a preferred destination for international trade shows, conferences, and various business gatherings, making it an optimal choice for businesses aiming to host diverse events in the city.

    Noteworthy global companies like Shell, FedEx, General Motors, and Halliburton are among DWTC’s esteemed occupants.

    Core Sectors – DWTC focuses on events, services, and trading.

    Recommended for – DWTC is recommended for investors and companies that deal with events and professional services business activities.

    Benefits of business setup in DWTC

    Strategic Location

    1) The zone is near to Dubai airport thus adding an advantage for easy access to different locations

    2) It is near to Burj Khalifa, Emirates Towers, and Dubai International Financial Center

    Popular Hub

    DWTC is home to organizing some of biggest events in the world. It caters to millions of people annually as part of these events

    Office Leasing

    DWTC Authority license holders and business permit holders have the privilege to sublease premises to fellow Free Zone members

    Legal Framework

    1) Full foreign company ownership

    2) Unrestricted capital repatriation

    3) No currency limitations

    4) Zero personal income tax

    5) Flexible commercial lease terms

    6) 9% corporate income tax (if applicable)

    7) Low tariffs

    Dual licensing

    Mainland companies expanding into DWTC's free zone jurisdiction receive business operating permits. These permits allow activities aligned with their DED license but are restricted to these specified operations.


    DWTC location highlights

    DWTC is located at the heart of Dubai near to World trade Center. It is cost-effective and famous for international exhibitions. It is surrounded by Burj Khalifa, Emirates tower and DIFC.

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    Types of License

    Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) offers diverse licenses, including commercial, professional, and event management licenses, providing businesses the flexibility and support to succeed in Dubai’s vibrant market.


    Offices shell and core

    Fitted-out and custom built offices

    Serviced offices, virtual offices and hot desks

    Retail outlets

    Types of company

    Here are the different types of structures offered in DWTC

    Limited Liability Company
    DWTC encompasses all limited liability companies in the UAE, constituting legal entities where shareholders' liability is limited to the share capital they invest in the company.
    Branch of a foreign company
    This structure allows for registering a branch in the DWTC free zone without any capital investment. The branch must have the same activities registered as the parent company.
    Free Zone Establishment
    This type of structure has a single person or single corporate holding 100% shares
    Free Zone Company
    This type of structure has 2 or more shareholders (person or corporate)

    Documents Required

    DWTC Free Zone application form
    Descriptive business plan
    Passport copies of general managers, directors, and shareholders
    Emirate ID of general managers, directors, and shareholders (UAE residents)
    Profile of each shareholder

    Board resolution for establishing a company in DWTC free zone
    Onboarding and specimen forms
    True documents for parent company incorporation documentation
    Good standing certificate (if applicable)
    Good standing certificate (if applicable)
    Copy license of the parent company (if applicable)

    What is the process of free zone company setup DWTC?

    Choose a business identity and settle for a license
    You need to first choose the business that you would like to operate
    Register with DWTC
    Once you obtain a trade license, it is time to register with DWTC. This is done by submitting various documents to DWTC office or online.
    Select Office Space
    Select an office space in DWTC among different options. You can choose co-work spaces, flexible spaces, and more.
    Apply for residency visa and open a bank account
    After all the documents are verified and approved, you need to apply for resident visa. You will then need to open a corporate bank account for future transactions.


    Choosing Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) offers businesses a prestigious location, world-class facilities, and access to a thriving business ecosystem, ensuring unparalleled opportunities for growth and networking in the heart of Dubai.

    Why choose YABS for Free Zone company setup DWTC?

    We are one of the best business setup companies in Dubai. DWTC is a dream jurisdiction for entrepreneurs and business leads to set up their businesses. It provides unique features to the owners with top-notch facilities.

    YABS has a talented team of professionals who work with you and resolve every query that comes along the way. With YABS, you get 100% ownership, minimal corporate tax, and many other benefits.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      What types of business licenses are available in the DWTC Free Zone?
      DWTC Free Zone offers several types of business licenses, including Professional, Commercial, and Event Management licenses, catering to a wide range of business activities and industries.
      What is the process for setting up a business in DWTC Free Zone?
      The process involves selecting the appropriate license type, submitting the necessary documentation, such as passport copies and business plans, and completing the application form. Once approved, you can proceed with obtaining your trade license and establishing your business operations.
      Can I have 100% foreign ownership of my business in DWTC Free Zone?
      Yes, the DWTC Free Zone allows for 100% foreign ownership of businesses, giving international entrepreneurs full control over their companies without the need for a local partner.
      What are the benefits of setting up a business in DWTC Free Zone?
      Benefits include a strategic location in the heart of Dubai, a tax-free environment, access to world-class infrastructure, and a streamlined setup process. Additionally, businesses benefit from proximity to major trade and business hubs, enhancing connectivity and growth opportunities.
      Are there any residency visa options for business owners in DWTC Free Zone?
      Yes, the DWTC Free Zone offers residency visas for business owners and their employees. This allows entrepreneurs and their teams to live and work in Dubai, providing ease of access to manage and grow their businesses.

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