Business Setup in Ajman Free Zone

Established in 1988, Ajman Free Zone (AFZ) stands as a vibrant and independent ecosystem, providing businesses and investors with a sustainable environment for nurturing growth and advancement. Its independent status was achieved with the backing of H.H. Sheikh Humaid bin Rashid Al Nuaimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Ajman. Setting up a business in the Ajman Free Zone is a good option. The process of company registration is relatively easy in the Ajman Free Zone.

Distinguished for its excellence, AFZ was honored with the 7th position in the Global Free Zone of the Year Awards 2021 by FDI Intelligence magazine. With over 9,000 companies from 165 countries benefiting from its top-notch services, AFZ plays a significant role in positively impacting the economy. 

Strategically located near the Ajman Port, Dubai, and Sharjah international airports, AFZ provides companies with competitive packages and state-of-the-art facilities. This enables businesses to flourish by facilitating growth and expansion through modern solutions, streamlined license setup processes, and cost-effective pricing.

AFZ also offers AFZ+, a range of value-added services that help partners discover growth opportunities and establish themselves in niche markets. By doing so, AFZ remains committed to contributing to the socio-economic development of Ajman and the UAE.  

Offices and warehouses in the free zone

Ajman Free Zone authority has the following features:

 1) Flexi desks without monthly time limits

2) Office

3) Warehouses

Flexible workspaces and offices may be situated either within the free zone’s main headquarters or in a nearby standalone tower.

The warehouse complex has notably expanded, now encompassing the entire area around Ajman Sea Port.

The Customs and Immigration office is conveniently located just across the road from Ajman Free Zone.

AFZA licenses and activities

The free zone activities are grouped by industry sector categories:

Ajman Free Zone offers the following license types:

The free zone activities are grouped by industry sector categories:

01 Commercial license
02 Service license
03 Industrial license
04 E-Commerce license
06 Freelancer license
06 Pioneer license
07 Offshore license

Business setup cost in Ajman

AFZA encapsulates the usual company types i.e. Free Zone Establishment (FZE), Free Zone Company (FZC), and Branch of a local or a foreign company 

Business setup in Ajman starts at AED 6,100 per license. The lowest cost of a commercial license for 2 visas comes out to be AED 13,735. 

The lowest business setup cost is as follows: 

Freelancer Package

AED 6,100

Business Center with Commercial License

AED 13,735

Business Center package with Service License

AED 16,335

If you are planning to open resident visas under the company, extra fees of immigration will apply. 

  • E-channel deposit – 1,025 AED
  • E-channel registration fee – 2,300 AED
  • Visa, Medical checkup and Emirates ID – 3,600 AED
  • Renewal fee of E-channel – 1,200 AED

Add shareholders to your company with fee of AED 600 each.

Multiple payments plan

AFZA has different payment plans for different company setup. In fact, AFZA is the only jurisidction that allows to have installment based money payback. You can use 2, 3 , or 6 month installment plan.

 Note: The payment should be provided by post-dated checks from a UAE bank. 

Ajman Free Zone Authority provides the conditions for the business setup. If you are from a foreign land than UAE, you will be required to have bank checks in place taken from a friend or relative.

 AFZA requires that you ask owner of the check to provide with a no objection certificate and also past three months of bank statement to verify the funds availability.


Ajman free zone company setup

It takes only 1 day to register the company in AFZA. The following documents should be available before the successful registration. 

  1. Passport Copy
  2. Passport Size Photo
  3. Residential address, phone number, and email
  4. Compny Name
  5. Business Activity
  6. Business Plan 

You can approach business consultants for your business setup. Once the process is done, you will get: 

  1. License
  2. Chamber of Commerce registration certificate
  3. Lease Agreement
  4. Memorandum (for companies with multiple partners)

UAE residency visas

Applying for a resident visa in the Ajman Free Zone is similar to any other zone. Here are the timelines to consider while applying for a resident visa in AFZA

Business registration - 1 day
Establishment card (immigration card) - 10 days
Entry visa - 5 days
Medical checkup, Emirates ID, and visa stamping - 5 days
Emirates ID - 7 days from the date of visa stampin

Applying for resident visa in Ajman Free Zone is similar to that in any other zone. Here are the timelines to consider while applying for resident visa in AFZA

Renewal of a company has the same fees as the business setup. Once the renewal is done, you will get the following documents:

1) New license
2) Renewed Lease Agreement
3) Renewed chamber of commerce
4) certificate
The company owners can make amendments and usually this power is not transferable unless authorized by the owner himself.

Company liquidation in Ajman free zone

For the closure of a company in AFZA, you will need to have clearance: 

  • from the bank that holds the account for closure
  • from Ajman Maintenance Department of you renting a place 

You must also cancel all the resident visas you applied for at the start of the business setup.

Liquidation requires a month to close. But before that, you must return all the relevant documents to Ajman Free Zone. If you lose any of the documents, you will have to file a police complaint.

Note: The liquidation of the company can done by the owner or he can pass the authority to the person holding the Power of Attorney.

Also, any earlier deposits will be refunded to the owner.

Our opinion

Ajman Free Zone is a good option for your company setup considering its perks. Due to its low incorporation rate, the zone is helpful for small businesses and startups. The facilities and proximity to Dubai and Sharjah serve as a great advantage.

license costs in Ajman free zone

Freelance licence Pioneer license Trading license Service licensse
How to choose a free zone suitable for you?
Free Consultation

General trading E-commerce l

Documents Required for Company Setup in Ajman Free Zone


Timelines for visa processing in Ajman Free Zone

Visit AFZA for company formation - 1 day
Establishment Card - 1-3 weeks
Giving consultancy for every financial projection report and analysis for existing project
Entry Permit - 1 week
Giving consultancy for every financial projection report and analysis for existing project
Medical Checkup and Emirate ID - 1 day
Visa Stamping - 4 days

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key benefits of setting up a business in Ajman Free Zone (AFZ)?
Ajman Free Zone offers several benefits including 100% foreign ownership, zero import and export duties, competitive leasing options, a strategic location with access to both the UAE and international markets, and simplified setup procedures.
What types of business licenses are available in Ajman Free Zone?
AFZ offers various types of licenses, including Trading License, Industrial License, Professional License, E-commerce License, and National Industrial License, each catering to different business activities.
What is the process for setting up a business in Ajman Free Zone?
The process generally involves selecting your business activity, choosing a company name, submitting the required documents, obtaining initial approval, leasing office or warehouse space, and acquiring your business license.
Is it mandatory to have a physical office space in Ajman Free Zone?
Yes, businesses registered in the AFZ are required to lease physical office space or warehouses within the free zone. There are also options for shared office facilities and flexi-desk solutions.
Can I get a residence visa through my company in Ajman Free Zone?
Yes, business owners and employees can obtain UAE residence visas through their company registered in AFZ. The number of visas you can apply for depends on the type of license and the size of your office space.
Are there any restrictions on the type of business activities that can be carried out in Ajman Free Zone?
AFZ accommodates a wide range of business activities across various sectors. However, certain activities may require additional approvals from relevant authorities. It’s advisable to check with the AFZ authorities to confirm if your specific business activity is permitted.
How long does it take to set up a business in Ajman Free Zone?
The setup process in AFZ is designed to be efficient, typically taking between 2 to 5 working days from the submission of all required documents and approvals.
What support services are available to businesses in Ajman Free Zone?
AFZ offers comprehensive support services, including business setup assistance, visa processing, legal and administrative support, access to banking services, and business development resources to help your company grow.
Can I open a corporate bank account with my AFZ company?
Yes, once your company is registered and you have obtained the necessary documentation, you can open a corporate bank account in the UAE. AFZ provides assistance and recommendations for banking services.
How can I get more information or assistance regarding business setup in Ajman Free Zone?
For more detailed information or assistance, you can contact Ajman Free Zone's customer service or consult with business setup experts who specialize in AFZ. They can provide personalized guidance and help streamline the setup process for you.

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