Setting up your business in Dubai South

Dubai South is a key business destination in the UAE and is part of the Dubai World Central (DWC) initiative, dedicated to fulfilling diverse business requirements. Positioned as a global transport hub, it prioritizes the aviation and logistics sectors. To set up a business in the Dubai South free zone, you need to align with a set of processes.

Dubai South provides comprehensive services, including business incubation, free zone licensing, value-added services, and access to strategic partnerships, making it an optimal choice for entrepreneurs leveraging its UAE connectivity.

A home to Al Maktoum International Airport, set to be the world’s largest, Dubai South is a prime location for businesses aiming for global reach.

Properties of Dubai South



Dubai South provides excellent residential services that are beneficial to the community, like hospitals, schools, sports facilities, and more. You can also buy an investment property in the zone.


Dubai South is a hub for various industries. Here, you can work and blend in with the diverse community. You get 100% ownership of your company and critical office solutions. The zone is known for technology and innovation.


Dubai South fosters success by embracing innovation, technology, opportunities, sustainability, and strategic investments. It provides an optimal center for businesses with streamlined operations, worldwide connectivity, a proficient workforce, and environmentally conscious strategies.

Dubai South Freezone Company Formation

Dubai South Free Zone, formerly known as Dubai World Central (DWC) is located adjacent to Al Maktoum International Airport, one of the largest airports in the world.

Also, Dubai South is the cost-effective free zone in Dubai for company incorporation. The cost of company formation in Dubai South is approximately USD 8,150 for the minimum package license with a sharing desk facility.

Dubai South Freezone is situated near to the world event – EXPO 2020 where huge projects worth billions of dollars are coming up. Also, this free zone offers a Business Park, with unmatched scalability and modern infrastructure. Company Formation in Dubai South Business Park is a: Pro-business environment with the flexibility to customize solutions to meet business demands, and a variety of offerings ranging from plots to commercial buildings and offices.

It is indeed a Premium Business Park with world-class commercial buildings & offices, a free zone environment, Zero tax Policy, flexible leasing terms, 100% foreign ownership, versatile business space solutions, a variety of business licenses, and advantageous car parking ratios. Dubai South Business Park also has its Business Centre, which is strategically located in the headquarters of Dubai South.

The Business Centre offers a variety of office solutions from Smart Desk Company License to Executive Offices.

Type Of Licenses In Dubai South

Investors can register the company in Dubai South and obtain the free zone license with a Smart Desk facility for AED 30,900*, and avail up to 2 visas for this package (visa cost not included). Licensing process may take up to 15 working days starting from the submission of the required documents. General trading license (all permitted items) with a 100 sqm office has a fee of AED 95,000*.

Industrial License
Companies engaged in trading and light manufacturing activities such as blending, mixing, and purifying are eligible to receive an Industrial License.
Aviation License
Assists companies with aviation-related tasks.
Trading License
Businesses engaged in importing, exporting, and distributing goods need a trading license to operate in the UAE. They can also enlist local distributors to meet their objectives.
Logistics License
This license is awarded to companies involved in logistical operations such as storage, transportation, distribution, sorting, order management etc.
Service License
Service License is for companies that offer required services as specified in the license.
Education License
The license is issued to companies providing education services, educational training, and educational consulting services.

Which documents you should provide while setting up a company in Dubai South?

Passport copy

UAE visa copy

Email Address

Phone Number

Shareholding Ratio


Company Name

Phone Number

1 (KM)2
Integrated Ecosystem
1 M
Residential project
Job opportunities
20 KM
Express cargo transfer

Dubai South License Cost (Minimum Package)

Investors can register a company in Dubai South and acquire a free zone license, including a Smart Desk facility, for AED 30,900*. This package allows for up to two visas, although visa costs are not included. The licensing process may take up to 15 working days from the submission of the required documents. Additionally, a general trading license (covering all permitted items) with a 100 sqm office space costs AED 95,000.

Dubai South Freezone License Packages





AED 10,000

AED 10,000

AED 10,000

Establishment Card

AED 2,060

AED 2,060

AED 2,060

Setup Fee

AED 1,000

AED 1,000

AED 1,000


AED 16,900 SD 5 hours/week

AED 24,900

AED 26,900 SO – 5 hours/week

Visas Allowed





AED 29,960*

AED 37,960*

AED 39,960*

Warehouse Cost In Dubai South Freezone


FC6 W10/O10

Warehouse size

240 sq.m.

Number of visa

16 to 20

Power load

0.11 kW/sq.m

Warehouse price (650 AED/sq.m)

AED 156,000 (per year)

Security deposit (5%)

AED 7,800

Office (additional to the warehouse) (750 AED/sq.m)

AED 48,000 (per year)

Trading License Fee (Foodstuff and Beverages)

AED 10,020

Establishment card

P.O. Box loyalty & registration fees

Warehouse size

AED 250

Professional Fee

AED 3,150

Dubai South Freezone Company Registration Features

  • No capital deposit required
  • No visa deposit required
  • No bank letter required
  • No proof of residency
  • No NOC (No objection Certificate) required for UAE resident from sponsor

Advantages of setting up your business in Dubai South

With a great service, Dubai South is also home to multiple benefits. Some of the advantages that local and foreign entrepreneurs find are:

Prime location
Dubai south is surrounded by Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Its proximity with Jebel Ali Sea Port and Al Maktoum Airport makes it one of the hottest places to do business.
Business Friendly Policies
Full Foreign Company Ownership
Unrestricted Capital Repatriation
No Currency Limitations
Zero Personal Income Tax
Flexible Commercial Lease Agreements
9% Corporate Income Tax (if applicable)
Standard 5% VAT Rate
Multiple Options
There are 7 districts where you can setup your business. These are Residential District, Commercial District, Logistics District, Aviation District, Humanitarian District, Golf District, and Dubai South Exhibition City.
Dubai South is one of the best free zone to provide top-notch customer services.
Entrepreneurs can start work using co-working spaces or warehouse.

Setting Up a Business in Dubai South

Choose a legal Form
Choose a legal form for your business, which could be an LLC or branch company. Each has its pros and cons. It is important to carefully identify the type. You also need to create a framework where you can identify the type of business activities and thus, a trade license.
Article of Association (AOA) and Memorandum of Association (MOA)
Both the documents are important as far as business setup is concerned
Certificate of Registration
Once you are done with all the documentation and have submitted it, you will get a certificate of registration. This will help you open a corporate bank account. It is to be noted that it will take a week or two to get the certificate.
Office Space
Once you are done with all the documentation, you will have to create an office space in Dubai South.
Open a Bank Account
After submitting all the documents and finalizing the office space, you will need to create a corporate bank account. This account will help in all the transactions that will take place in the future.

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