Setting up Business in JAFZA

Jebel Ali Free Zone (Jafza) stands as DP World’s flagship free zone, boasting the Middle East’s largest customs bonded zone. Starting with 19 companies in 1985, the jurisdiction expanded to over 500 businesses by 1995 and has since grown to over 8,700, including 100+ Fortune Global 500 firms today. A business setup in the Jebel Ali Free Zone is a lucrative option.

The strategic location within an exceptional ecosystem, coupled with proximity to Jebel Ali Port, Al Maktoum International Airport, and Expo 2020 Dubai, positions it as an unrivaled hub for global trade and a comprehensive business setup solution provider, flourishing over the past three to four decades.

Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA) benefits while setting up a company

We’ll highlight the key advantages of setting up a company in Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA), including 100% foreign ownership, tax exemptions, streamlined procedures, and access to world-class facilities, among others.

Property Ownership

Grants JAFZA Offshore Company Setup entities the legal right to own property in Dubai.

Versatile Directorship Choices

Permits various individuals to serve as directors and shareholders in JAFZA Offshore Companies.

No Obligation for Physical Office

Cuts down JAFZA Company Setup Costs by removing the requirement for physical office space.

Strategic Investment Options

Allows owners of JAFZA Offshore Companies to hold shares in UAE free zone companies and LLCs.

Smooth Registration Procedure

Simplifies JAFZA Offshore Company Formation, taking into account the JAFZA Trade License Cost.

Here are the company types or activities suitable for JAFZA Offshore Company Formation:

Types of Companies





∙International Trade

∙International Trade

Holding Companies

Holding Companies

Property Owning

Property Owning

Registration of Copyrights & Payment

Registration of Copyrights & Payment

International Consulting

International Consulting

Free consultation

Types And Regulations For Jebel Ali Offshore Company Formation

For the Jebel Ali company setup, investors have the choice to establish a limited liability company under the offshore regulations of the Jebel Ali Free Zone. Specific rules and regulations must be adhered to by investors to set up their companies in Jebel Ali.

Here are some of the rules and regulations for the Jebel Ali Company setup:

Before incorporating an offshore company, you must submit an application.
All the incorporators must sign the application submitted to the register.
An offshore company's name concludes with the term "Limited."
Breeza offers full range of consultancy & training methods for data analysis, business consultation, and strategic ways for business. Its an opportunity for new ventures.
The application must clearly state the company's address, business nature, and the purpose of the offshore company.
Include the specified capital amount and its allocation into fixed-value shares.
Submit all required documents to complete the initial procedure for forming an offshore company in the Jebel Ali Free Zone.

Documents Required For Jebel Ali Offshore Company Formation


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of setting up a business in Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA)?
JAFZA offers numerous benefits, including 100% foreign ownership, zero corporate and personal income taxes, no currency restrictions, and exemption from import and export duties, among others.
What types of licenses are available in JAFZA?
JAFZA offers various types of licenses tailored to specific business activities, including trading, manufacturing, services, and e-commerce, among others. The type of license required depends on the nature of your business.
Is it necessary to have a physical office space in JAFZA?
Yes, companies registered in JAFZA are required to lease physical office space within the free zone premises as per the regulations. However, virtual office options are also available for certain business activities.
What are the steps involved in setting up a business in JAFZA?
The setup process typically involves selecting a business activity, choosing a company name, submitting required documents, obtaining approvals, leasing office space, and acquiring necessary licenses from JAFZA authorities.
Are there any restrictions on hiring employees in JAFZA?
JAFZA allows businesses to hire both local and expatriate employees. However, companies must comply with relevant labor laws and obtain the necessary permits for hiring expatriate staff.
How long does it take to complete the business setup process in JAFZA?
The duration of the setup process can vary depending on various factors, such as the type of business activity, the completeness of documentation, and regulatory approvals. Typically, it takes between 2 to 4 weeks to complete the setup process.
What support services are available to businesses in JAFZA?
JAFZA provides a range of support services including assistance with company registration, visa processing, legal and administrative support, access to networking events, and business development resources.
Can existing businesses relocate to JAFZA?
Yes, existing businesses can relocate to JAFZA to take advantage of its benefits. JAFZA authorities provide assistance in facilitating such transitions, ensuring a smooth transfer of operations.
How can I get more information or assistance regarding business setup in JAFZA?
For further inquiries or assistance with business setup in JAFZA, you can contact our dedicated team of experts, who will be happy to guide you through the process and address any specific queries you may have.
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