Mainland Company Formation in Dubai

Mainland Company Formation in Dubai

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Forming a Mainland Company in Dubai

Starting a business in the main part of Dubai can be a really good investment choice for investors and businesses. Mainland companies are businesses that can operate within specific areas in Dubai. These companies are registered under the Dubai Economic Department (DED). Having a license like this gives you a lot of freedom to grow and run your business the way you want. The government has some rules for how these companies should run.

A big rule is about who owns the company. In the past, if you were not from the UAE, you could only own a part of your business. But from June 2021, the rules changed. Now, if you’re not from the UAE, you can own 100% of your business in Dubai. Before, you needed a person from the UAE to own 51% of the business, but that’s not needed anymore. It’s a big change that will affect how businesses are run in the UAE.

Mainland Company Formation in Dubai, allows you the freedom to expand your business to other areas in Dubai and even throughout the UAE. To do any kind of business in the UAE, the main thing you need is a license in one of these categories: Commercial, industrial, or professional. 

YABS Public Relations Management LLC offers help and advice in getting a Dubai mainland license, making it easier to start your business in the most wanted locations in the UAE. We’re here to save you time and money in obtaining your Dubai mainland license, making sure it follows the rules of the Dubai Economic Department.

The recent change in rules allows foreigners to fully own a company in the UAE mainland. The great thing is, this company can operate all across the UAE, not limited to a specific zone. 

At YABS, we’re reliable and can assist in setting up different types of businesses in Dubai mainland. Let’s delve into the popular locations to kickstart a mainland company in Dubai.

Business Setup in Dubai Mainland

Dubai is a top-notch place for businesses worldwide. It has great infrastructure, resources, and rules that help investors. Many entrepreneurs from other countries are attracted to Dubai because it supports them well and has good opportunities. Businesses do well by having good marketing plans, giving services on time, and offering great products. Creating a company in the main part of Dubai has always been the best choice for investing.

Many people in Dubai have good income, which increases the chances of a business doing well. If you can start your business in Dubai’s main area and people like what you offer, your business can grow a lot. Getting help from reliable business setup services in Dubai will make it easier and cheaper to start your company.

If you want to learn more about starting a company in the main part of Dubai, you can talk to us anytime.

Expenses for Setting Up a Company in Dubai Mainland

The price to set up a company in Dubai’s main area changes based on a few things. It depends on how big your business is, what you’re selling, the kind of permission you need, and the type of business you have. The costs for different permissions and related tasks can be different for each business.

On average, starting a company in Dubai’s main area costs around AED 15,000 to AED 50,000. If you want the exact prices for starting a business in Dubai Mainland, you can speak to our knowledgeable team. We’ve been helping set up businesses in Dubai since 2015 and understand all the steps to start a company.

Find out the cost of starting your business today 

Documents Needed to Start a Company in Dubai Mainland

  • Application for a business license
  • Get the LLC agreement properly approved.
  • Provide a copy of your passport.
  • Submit passport-sized photographs.
  • Show the agreement for the place where your business will operate (tenancy contract).
  • Share the official rules of your company (Article of Association – AOA).
  • Provide an official document explaining your company’s plans and activities (Memorandum of Association – MOA).

Procedures and Requirements of mainland company formation in dubai

The Department of Economy and Tourism (DET) is the group that gives out licenses for companies in the main part of Dubai. They look at all the requests and then send them to the DED for checking and giving out the licenses.

Here’s how you set up a business in Dubai Mainland:

Decide Your Business Activities: First, figure out what kind of business you want to do. This is really important before starting the process.
Choose a Location for Your Company: There are many good spots to start your company in Dubai Mainland. Pick the one that fits your business best.
Register Your Business Name: Make sure your business name follows the rules and send the name to the DED for approval. You can’t use offensive, political, or religious names. Also, using your own name is fine.
Get Approvals from Departments if Needed: ​Certain types of businesses might need extra permissions from places like the Dubai Health Department and Dubai Municipality. If needed, make sure to get these permissions. Attach them to your business license application.
Apply for a Business License: Fill out the application for the business license and send it with the needed documents to the DED. They will check everything and then give you the license.
Visas for Employees: If you need to hire people from other countries, you can. The number of visas you can get depends on how big your company is.
Open a Corporate Bank Account : Open a bank account for all your business transactions. If you need help with the whole process of starting your Dubai Mainland company, YABS can assist you.

If you want more information about starting a business in Dubai Mainland, reach out to us. We’re here to help.

Advantages of Company Formation in Dubai Mainland 

Outlined below are the main advantages of establishing a company in Dubai Mainland. It’s a good idea to choose the right place that can significantly impact the success of your business. People from other countries looking to start a business in Dubai can examine the updated rules and fresh business regulations introduced by the Dubai government. These changes are focused on enhancing business investments and providing strong support.

A company in Dubai Mainland can engage in trade across various markets in the area. This means the business can study and pinpoint its potential customer base and connect with them without any limits. It can establish branches in chosen locations, increasing its presence and visibility. Gaining approval will help in attracting new customers.

Businesses in Dubai Mainland have many options for what they can do. They can sell different things that the government allows. If they want to sell more things, they can register with the Department of Economy and Tourism (DET) in Dubai for those new items. Having many options to invest in helps the business grow.

Creating a company in Dubai Mainland is the best method to get contracts from the government. Many government projects begin and get assigned each year. Lately, there has been a rise in major projects, as the city aims for a significant boost in tourism and other investment areas. If your business is registered in Dubai Mainland, you can take part in offers to win ​tenders.

The need for an Emirati sponsor is no longer there. The expat business owner can have full ownership of the company, ​That means it’s really yours, and you get all the profits it makes.

Dubai is a top place for businesses because it has really good roads, buildings, and everything a business needs. Not many other places in the world are as good as Dubai in these ways. Also, starting a company in Dubai Mainland is easy and not complicated, making it a good choice.

We can assist you in getting into this profitable business arena. Reach out to us if you need reliable and affordable help to set up your business in Dubai.

What is mainland company formation in Dubai? 

Mainland company formation in Dubai is establishing a business within the main commercial area of the city, following approval from the Department of Economic Development (DED).

What is a Dubai mainland license? 

The Dubai mainland license is a business permit issued by DED, allowing unrestricted commercial operations within the mainland area.

What kinds of licenses can YABS Public Relations Management LLC help in acquiring for setting up a business in Dubai mainland?

We assist in obtaining licenses for 
 – commerce
 – professions
 – industry
designed to match your unique activities and business requirements.

On average, how much time does it usually take to form a company in Dubai mainland?

The duration depends on the type of license and individual circumstances, but our specialists ensure a streamlined process.

What is the tax liability for a Dubai mainland company?

Starting June 2023, corporate tax is applicable only to foreign bank branches and businesses related to oil. The tax rate varies based on the specific sector.

Are there any limitations on ownership for businesses set up in Dubai mainland?

Though some activities may mandate local partners, the legal frameworks often enable you to retain a controlling stake in the business.

What advantages does a professional license offer when setting up a company in Dubai mainland?

Suited for freelancers, consultants, and service providers, a professional license provides complete ownership and adaptability.

Can YABS Public Relations Management LLC assist with paperwork for setting up a business in Dubai mainland?

Absolutely. Our team will skillfully assist you with all the required paperwork to ensure your business setup in Dubai mainland is in line with regulations.

Is it possible to make changes to my Dubai mainland license at a later date?

Certainly, we can help you modify your license to align with evolving business requirements, ensuring ongoing success.

In what ways YABS can support you in registering a company in the UAE mainland?

Starting a business in Dubai mainland is a complex process, involving numerous documents and approvals to obtain a business license. We can expedite this process due to its affiliations with the Dubai government and its entities.

Which categories of licenses can YABS help secure for establishing a business in Dubai mainland?

We assist in obtaining licenses that cater to your specific business activities and requirements, including commercial, professional, and industrial licenses.

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